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About Us

Who Are We?

UpCasa Technology Services was founded to provide Managed IT Services to a growing market of small businesses with a great focus on customer service.

We realize that companies that withstand the test of time have utilized new technologies and ideas to transform and evolve. We want to be the driver in this technology vehicle that brings businesses from small to big and from yesterday to tomorrow.


What Is Our Vision?

We exist to provide technology services as a road to transform business and individuals.

What Is Our Mission?

We demystify technology, so our clients and their staff can embrace it as a powerful tool to produce results.

Our process of assessing, on-boarding, managing, protecting and optimizing our client’s technology is the key to their success.

We are committed to being a profitable company with happy employees that get amazing benefits and enjoy their work.


What Are Our Core Values?

We do IT because we love it

There is nothing else we would rather be doing. This is my career not just a job. My love of technology only comes second to my family.

We are "The Rock" for our clients

We are the first and last stop for our clients. They look to us for guidance and we give them good advice.


We put people first, technology second

We provide simple solutions and do what's best for the client. We understand that technology is a tool meant to make life easier.


We are disciplined in our execution

We establish the best processes and use them consistently. We take no shortcuts, we follow the process every time and do things right the first time.

We will be the change we seek

We will always seek better technologies and ways of doing business to improve our company and our client’s companies.

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